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August 2, 2006 by Cordelia
Give your desktop a whole new look with the Logika suite from Stardock!

This stylish suite includes everything needed to give your PC a new attitude. It includes a visual style that will change the way Windows looks and feels, a wallpaper, icons and both a Windows Media Player and a WinAmp skin. Check it out here:

The cost is a mere $8.95 with a discount for Object Desktop subscribers.

Want more cool premium suites, made by ...
July 29, 2006 by Cordelia
Been up all night. The minute I lay my head down all of the bitterness and crap I've had to swallow that day and every day stretching back to the day of my birth comes bubbling up like vomit. And make no mistake about it, I'm bitter. And it's not all stuff I'm making up, either.

It's a strange thing to lie in bed and be eaten alive from the inside out. Seems a bit unfair...but I guess I'm used to it. I am SO tired right now, and I know my whole day will be ruined tomorrow from lack of sleep b...
July 20, 2006 by Cordelia
My brother has decided to move back to Colorado. He left this morning at about 7 am. He lived with me for about 6 months. I'm very sad! I really, really enjoyed the chance to get to know him. He's a smart, funny dude, and as he says, "dead sexy" to boot.

Good luck little brother. I'm sure you'll be fine! But I'm still sad.
July 13, 2006 by Cordelia
A whole new is coming your way next week! We hope to launch it on the 18th. You won't even recognize it! Our web team and MikeB have conspired to create a great new site that we hope will be slicker and easier to navigate.

Here's a sneak peek:


So what do you think?
June 28, 2006 by Cordelia
This is my first trip to NY. I find NY to be sticky. That's my official review.

We got in, got a cab, went to the hotel. We weren't allowed to check in because we were too early, but they did agree to hold our luggage. Which meant I had to dig through my luggage in the lobby to pull out the giveaways I brought for our meeting that afternoon. That was exciting for all involved. I managed not to send underwear or other embarassing items skittering across the floor where I would be required to d...
June 22, 2006 by Cordelia
These allergies are killing me. I'm on a rather lethal combination of drugs in order to hold them at bay, a combination which should have me sleeping 'round the clock but only serves to put me to "sleep" from 8 AM until about 2 in the afternoon and wake me up again at 4 AM. Hope fully I don't say anything too stupid while I'm at work "asleep"...but then again I'd probably never notice so what would I have to be embarassed about?

In any event, a good friend of mine sent me this article. I don'...
June 11, 2006 by Cordelia
I've been tagged, dang it. Now I'm supposed to write about 5 embarrassing things from my childhood. The first question that immediately leaps to mind, of course, is "when exactly does childhood end"?

The when is irrelevant, though, because I'm going to dig up 5 embarrassing things but they certainly won't be the most embarrassing things. Just causing a mild blush, not a desire to pack up and leave the state from shame.

1) One of my earliest memories was from kindergarten (I think). They ...
June 9, 2006 by Cordelia
Paul Monckton of Personal Computer World in the UK has awarded KeepSafe a five star review stating that it was "A simple utility that can rescue you from potentially disastrous situations with very little user intervention required."

Read the full article here:

Check out KeepSafe:
May 22, 2006 by Cordelia
This week on the show Brad makes a triumphant return (i.e., he found his way out of the parking lot and back to our facility). We give you an update on Blue Security, discuss a robot that can take care of your children (see note below) and Apple launching the MacBook. We also talk about two lawsuite: Creative is suing Apple over a patent infringement and record labels are suing XM over a piece of hardware. We also get an update from Brad on what's going on with Vista and his thoughts on the futu...
May 15, 2006 by Cordelia
With E3 going on this week, we simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to revisit the "booth babes" issue and discuss their apparel (or the lack thereof). We also discovered that people in the UK are now allowed to listen to their CDs on their iPods according to the RIAA. Let's hope North America isn't far behind! Also a spam war involving Blue Security and Russian hackers brings down several websites.

Some are saying the porn industry will decide whether or not Blu-Ray or HD-DVD becomes the...
May 8, 2006 by Cordelia
Apple goes mano y mano with both France and the RIAA and comes out on top. Also there are rumors that Windows Vista will be delayed again, but what does that really mean for consumers? Skype plans to give us the ability to have a 100 person conference call (which is an instant headache for Kristin) and a high school hacker is caught and "punished".

In gaming news the DS Lite will come out in June, and Oblivion is getting re-rated to an M for Mature! Also gold farmers buy Allakhazam and Joel ...
May 5, 2006 by Cordelia
At last, you can have your very own shirt straight from the game. Play as any alien race you want? Now you can get a shirt to match!Shirts come in 3 colors based on the race logo you choose. The "good" aligned races have white shirts, the "neutral" races are on grey shirts, and the black shirts represent the "evil" races in high quality pre-shrunk cotton. Sizes available are Large (42 - 44), XL (46 - 48) and 2XL (50 - 52).  Prices start at $9.95 plus shipping and handling. Order now an...
May 1, 2006 by Cordelia
Check out the latest installation of the PowerUser Podcast. This week Wii discuss how nanoelectronics and water can be used to create memory storage devices, Firefox fanboi's are out to "get" IE, and House Democrats have lost the vote on Net neutrality. Also Yahoo offers free software that can turn your PC into a DVR, and phishers have a new scam using VoIP. 

In gaming news: another ex-Gizmondo exec is in trouble, a dad gets mad and shoots his sons computer and the Oklahoma legislature ...
April 3, 2006 by Cordelia
This weekend we went crazy.

My husband has long ago decided that he likes small convertible cars. He'd like a BMW Z4, but that's a little out of our price range at the moment. So last year when Saturn and Pontiac announced they were both coming out with affordable small convertibles, we got very excited.

We've waited for months, and still no cars to test drive. The Hubby decided he likes the Saturn body style a little better, so he was prety sure he wanted one of those. Upon calling Satu...
March 27, 2006 by Cordelia
Our first GalCiv2 T-Shirt contest has come to an end, and the winners have all been picked. It was a difficult decision and we are sorry not everyone could get a shirt. Our 10 winners:  BinnisterGC2 – Shot of a girl! Winner!  

  BlueDev – He starts his kids on gaming young! Winner!   Airolson – Nice hat. Winner!   Mayito8888 – points for adding stick figure – and again in #77 for putting the game over AE3. Winner!   Deraldin – Story and box shots. Winner! &n...