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Published on June 11, 2006 By Cordelia In Misc

I've been tagged, dang it. Now I'm supposed to write about 5 embarrassing things from my childhood. The first question that immediately leaps to mind, of course, is "when exactly does childhood end"?

The when is irrelevant, though, because I'm going to dig up 5 embarrassing things but they certainly won't be the most embarrassing things. Just causing a mild blush, not a desire to pack up and leave the state from shame.

1) One of my earliest memories was from kindergarten (I think). They used to give us a snack of graham crackers and milk and then let us go out to recess. I really don't know what they were thinking, but one day as we all trooped back into the room I suddenly threw up ALL OVER one of the tables. I immediately began to cry (probably from embarrassment) and was sent home. I'm sure I wasn't sick, I probably ate too quickly then went out and ran around. I actually remember what I was wearing that day too. Funny what things get stuck in your head in these moments.

2) In first grade I somehow split the seat of my pants right along the seam. I didn't know what to do about it and pretty much spent the whole day trying to keep my back to a wall. Yep, went around the whole day like that.

3) I don't remember how old I was but I know I was in elementary school. I called a neighbor boy a "bitch" because "a bitch is a lady dog" you see, so I couldn't get in trouble for cursing. I figured calling a boy a female dog was insulting enough PLUS the added coup of getting away with cursing. Well, that backfired. I was at his house playing a week or so later and he told his mom (with me RIGHT THERE) about the incident. Oh Lordy his mother was furious with me. I still remember trying to avoid her furious gaze, my face blushing like fire. I suppose I got what I deserved.

4) In 5th grade my friend and I were playing some game or other and during the game I "died". Logically, I laid myself down on the ground, closed my eyes and played dead. Suddenly there was a crowd of kids around us asking what was wrong and I was too horrified to open my eyes and tell them we were just playing. I stayed prone for an HOUR...ok, it was probably like a minute but it felt like an eternity. Then the bell rang, I jumped up and everyone began to express their disappointment and disgust.

5) Also in the 5th grade (a very embarrassing year, apparently) we used to have these fire drills. We were in a temporary building so we were to march ourselves to a designated corner of the schoolyard whenever we had one. At some point they must have changed the location we were to go to and I wasn't there...or maybe I just fell asleep in class that day, because at the next fire drill we all lined up (I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that I was SECOND in line, not first) and we marched our little selves to the designated spot. I tuned around and...3 of us had gone to this particular corner of the playground. No one else was in sight. I couldn't even hear anyone. Turns out they had all gone to a completely different location while 3 of us headed confidently in exactly the wrong direction. It seems to me that the teacher might have said something to us when he saw us haring off in the wrong direction, but the lesson and the fire drill location was certainly engrained on our 3 minds. How embarrassing.

Ok, so I'm supposed to tag 3 other people to write about 5 embarassing things from their childhoods. Hmm...I choose:

Karmagirl, Zoomba and Mormegil.

Tag, you're it. Get writing.

on Jun 11, 2006
Haha! Those are funny, but i'm sure they were very embarassing at the time!
on Jun 12, 2006
Cute.  Logically you rationalized about he word Bitch.  Yet deep down, you knew it was wrong or you would not have been embarassed by his mother.
on Jun 12, 2006

Those are funny, but i'm sure they were very embarassing at the time!

They are, but yes, they were! I'd like to say that I have no embarassing moments to relate from my adulthood...sigh. Sadly, I think we never get away from it.

Yet deep down, you knew it was wrong

So true Doc, so very true. I even tried to tell her about my rationalizations but she wasn't having any of it. Can't say I blame her. Lesson learned on my end.

on Jun 12, 2006

Sure...Sure...just pull me into this:

on Jun 12, 2006
Yeah!!! Nothing like a little game of tag to get the old blog running again!
My favorite was the split pants one. Hilarious. My favorite part was the "going the rest of the day" part. Classic. We are alike in so many ways.
on Jun 12, 2006
Sure...Sure...just pull me into this

But I KNEW you'd have some good stories.

See what you've started?

Indeed I do. No need to thank me.
I thought about tagging you because I knew you'd have some good stories, but I realized Karma would take care of that for the both of us.

My favorite was the split pants one.

Glad you enjoyed that. I hadn't thought about that one in years, but every now and again if I feel stray draft I find that my heart begins to beat a little faster...
on Aug 14, 2006
Excellent! Thanks for sharing. I agree... elementary school, man. So many "embarrassing moments" to choose from. I'm glad we only had to write 5...