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Published on November 2, 2005 By Cordelia In Misc

[Sorry for those of you who clicked on this expecting something good. You won't find anything like quality here. Just trying to keep in touch with the people who care about the minutia of my life. Move along please.]

Today I've made a terrible realization. I've fought against it all my life but today I can no longer deny what I now know to be true about myself.

I officially like coffee.

It took me 33 years, but what was once a bitter flavor to be abhorred is now something I may perhaps take up drinking on a more regular basis. When did this happen to me? What has changed? I guess I should have noticed there was a problem when I decided I liked coffee flavored ice cream. Then I moved on to drinking coffee when there was no other caffeine to be had. Now, on occasion, I like to have a cup 'just because'.

Don't get me wrong, I still load it up with enough sugar and creamer to choke a horse, but I know where this addiction leads. Eventually I'll be drinking the stuff black, straight out of the pot. Eventually I will not be able to live with less than 3 cups of coffee a day. Eventually I will be able to drink coffee at 9 pm and still fall asleep easily and sleep through the night.

Is there a 12-step program to help people like me? Is there nothing that can be done? Is there a positive side to this? I hear coffee has lots of anti-oxidants, right? RIGHT?


Anyway, enough ranting. It’s time to get to work.


And I need another cup of coffee.

on Nov 02, 2005
You should have titled it: The slippery slope into addiction!
on Nov 02, 2005
Welcome to the 'dark' side....

if there was a way for me to get an IV bag of the stuff every morning, I would..
on Nov 02, 2005
Welcome to our dark, over-caffinated world! Soon your journey shall be complete, soon you shall partake of the juice of life in its purest form, without the pollutants known as "cream" and "sugar" ruining the blissful blackness. (A thought for a humor article... is coffee racist? Does adding cream or milk to coffee show some unconscious disdain for "black"? Do we add sugar because we on some level feel blacks to be bitter? You could have some fun with this one)

One of us! One of us! Gooble-gobble, gooble, gobble! One of us!
on Nov 02, 2005

The slippery slope into addiction!

Indeed, Dr. Guy. It is a slippery slope indeed.

Welcome to the 'dark' side....

Thank you.

Do we add sugar because we on some level feel blacks to be bitter?

Are you accusing me of racism Zoomba? ARE YOU??? I WON'T TOLERATE IT!


Perhaps I've had too much coffee.

on Nov 02, 2005

Indeed, Dr. Guy. It is a slippery slope indeed.

And I tell you Yeaess!  You can break this vicious cycle!  HEAL!

I kicked the habit a few years ago, but I do love coffee!  Just cant drink it any more.  After you are off Caffeine, one cup can send you into orbit!  I made the mistake of drinking one cup on a flight home, and wound up awake all night long!

on Nov 02, 2005

and wound up awake all night long!

Yes, and as a tea drinker I am not used to that much caffiene, so perhaps the one cup of coffee I had today in addition to my usual tea is what is making me feel sick and sort of nervous. Plah. I don't like that feeling! Perhaps this is one "addiction" I can head off at the pass.

And I tell you Yeaess! You can break this vicious cycle! HEAL!

I'm a believer!!