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Maybe I'm all grown up now...or not.
Published on April 14, 2005 By Cordelia In Misc

Recently I received a check for $40 in the mail - a rebate from Best Buy.


A few years ago I would immediately have gotten into the car and driven to the bank to deposit the check because I was about to be overdrawn. I no longer have to do things like that.


In fact, the check sat on the counter and then at some point it disappeared. What the...?


I looked for it, and then realized where it must be. Yes, there, in the green garbage can that lurks in the corner. Among the tea bags and sunflower seed shells, among the used tissues and the old food, among the vacuum cleaner waste and who knows what other unholy mess was thrown in there. That is probably where my check is.


I looked at the can as it loomed mournfully in the corner and I thought to myself, "maybe I don't really need the money that badly".


Yes, I considered throwing money away because I didn't want to dumpster dive in my own trash. My how my priorities in life have changed over the years.


With a great sigh I did indeed root through all of the things I just mentioned and guess what? No check. So I had to take a step further down the road of disgust and go to the big trash bin in the garage to root through the other garbage bags to find my check and guess what? No check.


I have now spent time searching my house - which is no small task as we just moved in and everything is still in disarray - searching two garbage cans and the "time" (admittedly minimal) to fill out the form and send in the request for the refund. Now I'm writing this blog. All things considered I'm working pretty hard for this $40.


Maybe my priorities haven't changed as much as I thought.

on Apr 14, 2005
I know what you're talking about. Not that I am anywhere near approaching financial solvency, but my monetary situation isn't as dire as it once was.

Rather than thinking 'Crap! I may have thrown away $40' you're thinking 'Is it worth 40 bucks to go scrounging through my rubbish?'. And that's when the guilt sets in. When you wonder where that person's gone whose day would improve by finding an extra $40. Who wouldn't have thought twice about delving into the trash can to retrieve it.

But you know what? You've worked really hard to get where you are and I don't think your priorities have changed at all. It's just that the means you have to address your priorities are a little more adequate.

After all that effort I really hope that you find that cheque. By this stage it would be a case of not wanting to waste the effort more than the money if I was in your shoes! Happy hunting.

Suz xxx
on Apr 14, 2005
Oh boy, after going through the garbage no check. I know you must have been peed off - dirty hands all for nought! I recently had to go through my garbage, not for a check but for a prescription thrown out in error! After all the gross digging I found it - whew! It is good that you don't have to be running to the bank anymore. It's nice when you get to a level where you want to be. Good for you. Good luck with the refund!
on Apr 15, 2005

By this stage it would be a case of not wanting to waste the effort more than the money if I was in your shoes!

Too right! But with that money I could buy a new trash can...perhaps one that doesn't lurk.

I know you must have been peed off - dirty hands all for nought!

That, and it's just flat irresponsible to lose money. Still haven't found the check either...perhaps running to the bank was the best bet - then I wouldn't lose it!

Thanks for your comments Floozie and Serenity!

on Apr 15, 2005
I could buy a new trash can...perhaps one that doesn't lurk.

Gotta watch those lurking trash cans... they're sneaky bastages I tell ya! You wouldn't believe the stuff they do when you're not looking! You think your dogs are the ones who spill the garbage everywhere? Nope, it's the shady, lurking trash can. When no one is around they decide to fall over and spill their contents everywhere. They get away scott-free while your poor dogs get punished.

They're sneaky I tells ya...
on Apr 15, 2005
call best buy AND SAY LOST CHECK, Usually it will get replaced
on Apr 16, 2005
It's probably going to turn up the minute you stop looking for it or forget about it. Always happens to me.
on Apr 16, 2005

They're sneaky I tells ya...

I'm beginning to suspect I have some sort of memory problem. When's your birthday again? Just kidding! (kind of)

Raven and Moderateman - Good points, both of you. I haven't been too active in searching, but I haven't officially given up and called Best Buy, so I'm assuming this is why the check hasn't shown up. Seems the most logical explanation.

but to lose it just infuriates me for some reason.

Ya, 'cuz you don't get to blow it, spend it, give it away, or lend it out! It aggravates the sh** out of me mostly because I should be keeping better track of important documents. Been forgetting a lot of stuff lately. Maybe I should have my head examined...if only I could remember where I've been keeping it...

on Apr 16, 2005
Ha, this blog made me laugh.

I have always been very careless with money, I don't know if that will change in the future though... I have always been so careless to the point I was a prick about it... remember the scabs at the canteen at school, who would ask for 20 cents? I used to fish out $1 and throw it onto the footy oval and watch them run for it for a laugh, which was worth much more than the dollar!

I am bad.
on Apr 16, 2005
I am bad.

I'll say!

Recently I have found myself ignoring dimes on the street. Quarters I'll still beat up old ladies for, though.
on May 17, 2005
Found it. Only took me a month. Had to give up looking and focus on my class for a while - make sure the little buggers did their homework and were ready for the final. I'm sure you've all been holding your breath.
on May 17, 2005
Even if you have money, there's no sense throwing it away. From everything I've read, the key to financial success is using the same frugality you used when you HAD to later on when you DON'T have to.

Glad you found the check
on May 17, 2005
ty Gid - and you are correct! Going to the bank asap.
on Jun 17, 2005
Sooo....WHERE did you find it, Cordelia??? Curious minds want to know!