My home is not a place, it is people.
Published on March 17, 2005 By Cordelia In Home & Family

We've moved. I am tired and sore and wish I was sleeping right now, but we have moved from our crappy 1 bedroom apartment to a big house in the little woods. (We have a few trees out back).


As of yet we have no driveway, because the ground is currently frozen and therefore they cannot in good conscious pour us the driveway and so we will have to wait until spring. Same with the lawn - no landscaping until spring.


Which means muddy doggie feet. We try and keep them off the mud but we are in a construction area so that is pretty much impossible. The best we can do is wash their feet - all 8 of them - when we come in from a walk. What a pain in the behind that is, and they don't like it at all. They think they are being punished for something, but can't make the connection between muddy paws and paw washing. Annie, our 120 lb behemoth of a dog just cries like she's being tortured. You think that's torture, wait until I take you to the groomer this weekend! Mwahahahaha!


We have moved almost all of our belongings into the house, with the exception of a few items from storage. Nothing is put away yet. It takes 10 times as long to get anything done - even unpacking - because we have to navigate through piles of boxes or go hunting for the scissors get the idea. I did manage to unpack the important stuff - the tea. Wouldn't make it in the morning without a good cup of English black. Last night we unpacked the alcohol, so that's good. Maybe tomorrow I'll unpack the towels and take a shower. Just kidding!


I bet our neighbors hate us already. Not only do my dogs pee on their lawn, but then I yell at the dogs to get off the lawn, (and of course they ignore me) so not only are their strange dogs fouling up their lawn, but a crazy lady who stands in the driveway and yells like a madwoman. Hello neighborhood! Glad to meetcha!


The Mormegil finally got the blinds up in the bedroom so we don't have to do any weird crouching dance in order to change our clothing anymore. Still waiting for the custom blind for the little window in the bathroom to come in, so we have to do some acrobatics in order not to flash the neighborhood - and believe me, we wouldn't be making any friends that way.


Last night was the hardest, for some reason. I was in a foul mood which probably put my better half in a foul mood, so I snarled and snapped until I finally just poured the schnapps directly down my throat, adding the orange juice afterwards (I'd rather have a margarita, but that was too much work to mix). I went to sleep and dreamed about the term "googleplex" and that Mormegil was eating raw crawdads - something he wouldn't be caught dead doing when awake. That's gross!


So as the filthy light of dawn began to pierce my dream fogged mind I heard him say, "there are deer in our backyard". Sure enough, about 4 deer grazed peacefully out our back door.


Oh yeah. That's why we moved. And really it was a pretty sunrise.

on Mar 17, 2005
Sounds like your enjoying your new house already Deer in the yard can be fun, but they also tend to eat anything you might plant. Although if you let them, your dogs will likely keep them away. And don't worry about what the neighbors think, I'm sure they are even crazier then you
on Mar 17, 2005
That is so awesome!!! And pastoral, and so - NOT Los Angeles. Sigh. Wishing I was there...
on Mar 18, 2005
Sounds like a wonderful new place you've got.