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and ready to mess the place up
Published on March 1, 2005 By Cordelia In Home & Family

We closed on our house yesterday, and have already started to befoul it. So very happy. And tired. And broke. But happy.

on Mar 01, 2005
Yeah, enjoy your new house
on Mar 01, 2005
Sweet, the sweet feeling and smell of success! Congrats!
on Mar 01, 2005
GREAT!!! I can't wait to see pictures!
on Mar 01, 2005
Does "defoul" mean move in?
on Mar 01, 2005
Sorry, "befoul".
on Mar 01, 2005

Move in and screw up the nice paint job, yeah.

Thanks all!

on Mar 01, 2005
Oh, and JB & JQ, when are you coming to visit??? We'll be out in July!
on Mar 02, 2005

See you in July!

I don't know what our vacation plans are anymore. Turns out owning a condo is expensive.

Stupid condo.