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Published on January 14, 2005 By Cordelia In Home & Family

This week has been one of stress for me. I started teaching, but they contacted me so late (I got the job at 6pm on the day before class started) that I have nothing prepared so each week is going to be a constant battle to get ready for the next class, trying to stay one step ahead of the students instead of 10 steps. Other things are going on too, but they need not be discussed here.

In all that, I've almost forgotten. Oh yes, we're building a house. Ah! It's much less stressful than people think. That is in part because we bought a tract home that the builder has built many times before. We already made all of our choices, so now we just sit back and watch them put the house up.

Before Thanksgiving they had not even dug the basement. Here is what the place looks like now:

(Click on Thumbnail for a larger view)

They are really moving right along. I have no complaints so far about this builder. Except maybe that they are going too fast! The longer we stay in our apartment, the more money we can save toward moving in and all the things we will need to do once we are in there, like build a deck and do the landscaping. It's pretty exciting though. I simply can't believe that after the year we had last year this is all going so smoothly. And in truth I can't wait to move in. Finally, something is going right.


on Jan 14, 2005
So if we don't see you around at least we know why, you busy teacher you And a new house sounds exciting, I hope you like yours. (the picture appears to link to a file on your computer and is therefore unviewable by anyone else, just thought I'd let you know)
on Jan 14, 2005
Yes...I just noticed that. Thanks Danny! I'll try and fix that now.
on Jan 14, 2005
Oooooh, pink house, I like it Is that supposed to be a garage in the middle there? If so I think I like the way your house is looking.
on Jan 14, 2005
Thanks Danny. Yes, the 2 gaping holes in the middle are the garage. Thankfully the house is only pink at the moment because it's covered in pink "house wrap". Apparently they just leave that stuff on and put the siding over the top of it. Helps insulation they tell me. Actual house colors will be some sort of dark gray with burgundy trim. I admit there is some part of me that wants to paint zebra stripes or polka dots (as others have done before me) just to buck tradition, but in the end I am a plain person.
on Jan 14, 2005
Just a side note: the picture is a little misleading. It looks like the house is in the middle of the woods somewhere, but in fact it's at the current edge of a subdivision. They just haven't built a house next to it yet, and the angle at which this picture was taken crops out the house on the other side of us. Soon we shall be surrounded and boxed in by houses that look similar to ours.
on Jan 14, 2005
You should go with fun and exciting colors, plain person or not, it would be fun and pretty
on Jan 17, 2005
It's beautiful!!! I spent all weekend painting the condo with JB and my sister and her husband and various and sundry friends (you were sorely missed, BTW ) and now it looks very nice - except for the ORANGE room. Orange. It's the kind of color people will see and think to themselves "what is wrong with these people? who would think that's a good color to put on the walls ofyour house?!" in our defense, it looked signifcantly more muted (think terra cotta) on a strip of paper 1" by 3" big. Yeah. But still - I agree fun and interesting colors are (usually) a great way to go!
on Jan 17, 2005

I can't wait to see it sometime! I know what you mean about the paint colors - I bought some lovely light brown to paint the trim in our upstairs once. Turn out pink. Had to buy more paint.

on Jan 31, 2005
I'm so happy for you two. You totally deserve this great house after all the hell you went through with your last one. Congratulations!!