My home is not a place, it is people.
Published on August 6, 2004 By Cordelia In Home & Family
Just found out from the Mormegil that the appraisal on our house still has not been turned in. And our agent went on vacation without even calling us. I have never been so mad and had so little recourse before. Can't even yell at our agent. Mormegil did call and yell at his boss, though. Now the boss is involved - although I'm sure he knew all about it.

Oh man.

on Aug 09, 2004
This is one of those arguments for a do-it-yourself surface-to-surface missile kit. Just lock on to your agent's vacation spot, press a button, and let modern military technology do the rest.
on Aug 11, 2004

I find your comments to be insightful.