My home is not a place, it is people.
Published on July 30, 2004 By Cordelia In Home & Family
I feel like Georgia 12 point today, so there.

I have been neglecting my blog, so I thought I'd sum up my week for you. Totally stressed about the house. Managed to convince myself that the deal was going to fall through, so close to completion. We did hear back from our agent yesterday, finally, who told us that the appraiser was physically at our house yesterday and hopefully in a week to 10 days this hellish nightmare will all be over. Unless he's lying. I must say, very unhappy with this agent, although I do not think he is a crook as the previous agent was. I think he is just far, FAR more concerned with the buyer than with us. Oh well. No thank you note for him. Take THAT!

Also yesterday I had to deal with my least favorite customer. I edit video for a living. I just started my job, so I've been doing weddings and bar mitzvahs so far, except for this one lady who needs video edited for presentations she does. She brings us crappy VHS copies, or copies of copies, and then has the nerve to complain because the quality is bad. She is constantly digging at me with little remarks like "maybe I should just get my own equipment" or "I remember when I was in a low level position too...".

Ok lady, sure, at the moment I'm a trained monkey who pushes buttons, but I'm a trained monkey you need. Why don't you go out and buy your own damn equipment then? And hire your own trained monkey? Oh, that's right, because you barely have the technological skills to work your cell phone much less a computer. Because you can't figure out how to OPEN a FILE on a DISK!

This lady asked me to take a disk full of MPEG1 files and rename them so she would know which file is which and burn her a new disk. (She is not capable of doing this herself). I complied with her request, and then she got MAD at me because now they are all on the disk in alphabetic order, not in the order she originally had them in when they were named "1, 2, 3..". I was surprised and said that they were named with exactly what they were, so she would merely have to double click the one she wanted to open it, but that wasn't good enough for her.

You know what, you hag? Don't come around here again because I can tear your heart out with my bare hands, or vilify you in a screenplay later - don't think I won't!!

Why do people think it makes them look good to be rude to those they perceive as being in a "lower" position than they are? I have a master’s degree, and I CHOOSE to work where I am, at least for the time being. My co-workers treat me with respect (except for one, who has no respect for anyone, including himself) and my bosses are generous and understanding, and not ashamed to tell someone they did a good job. So YOU, you old goat, can kiss my ass. Trained monkey indeed.

That's pretty much the entire week, actually. This is why I don't write much - my life is boring. I also don't want to use this blog as a place to simply complain.

So I will close this entry by reaffirming my love of sugar in all forms, but particularly Carousel brand lollipops which make me very happy, and along with a good margarita make me lose interest in ranting about all the old hags in the world. For the time being, at least.

on Jul 30, 2004
Down with all the goat hags! I'm always mystified by those people who can't feel good about themselves unless the make people around them feel bad. SO WEIRD. Crazy world. Hm. It's lovely to hear from you. I check your blog every day!
on Aug 03, 2004
I should have thrown my own feces at her!

I check your blog often too. Sometimes I hear the crushing weight of depression in your blog, although you always try and sound upbeat. I think everyone in Hollywood just needs to get the hell out of your way!