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July 26, 2004 by Cordelia
Dear Daddy,

Mommy ate all of your candy and left the half-chewed pieces ground into the carpet, all sticky and gross. Apparently she didn't know they were super sour candies and didn't like them. Now we feel sick - I mean, uh, MOMMY feels sick. Yeah, that's it.

Anyway, we'll work off the $5 we - Mommy! - owes you by being cute.


The Dogs.
July 22, 2004 by Cordelia
I told my friend I'd write a new blog when I have something new to say, and lo and behold I have something new to say. Or rather, I'm going to say something I've said before, just with new dates.

Still on hold with the house.

I was under the impression that we had already gotten the appraisal but we haven't. Why haven't we, an astute reader might ask? Because it's "hard". Apparently appraisers don't like to do hard jobs. From this statement, (made to me by my real estate agent) I deduce ...
July 8, 2004 by Cordelia
Today we got yet another call informing us of still more delays in the closing of our house. This house has caused us so much heartache; I really begin to wish I had burned it down when the notion first occurred to me.

The closing was delayed last time because the buyer "forgot" to get an appraisal. Ok. This time it has been delayed because the appraiser went to the house, found out that he couldn’t appraise it properly because of some technicality, and so he simply went back to his office a...
July 4, 2004 by Cordelia
Today is the 4th of July and it is raining like mad. Or at least it seems like mad to me, a person from California where it rains only once every three months until monsoon season and then it floods.

Paul and I finally found the perfect house for us. It is a development on a lake where the homes are very unusual. They aren’t really THAT unusual I suppose, but there is an attention to detail that I have not seen in ANY other development. Ah, if only we had a million dollars. Or…two million. I ...
July 2, 2004 by Cordelia
Today our house was supposed to close Escrow (the one we are selling), but last night I got a call from our real estate agent. It seems they forgot to get an appraisal. How does one forget such a thing? Isn't that an integral part of buying or selling a home? At first it didn't bother me, but now it does. It may take up to two weeks longer. AND we have to pay this months house payment, which we were not counting on. AND I now have no one to take care of the lawn. I'd do it myself, but it's rathe...
June 27, 2004 by Cordelia
Last night I dreamed that I was a robot. I had been purchased as a nanny for a family with 6 children: 1 boy and 5 girls, can you imagine? It was very detailed and went through my whole life with them until the kids grew up and my model was obsolete and I was put out on the streets and spent some time being very lonely until I met up with some other robots and we all became friends.

And I haven't even seen "I Robot", nor watched "The Bicentennial Man" recently.

So the only logical conclus...
June 24, 2004 by Cordelia
Well, I am feeling better. I have a job now, and in spite of the initial trauma this caused (because I am neurotic) I think it will be a good thing. And it gets me out of the house, which I really needed to do. I plan to join a gym soon, and buy some sessions with a personal trainer. We'll see how this works out.

The bigger, better news is that I have decided to make a movie. In my basement. With no budget. Over the course of the next 2 or 3 years.

This may not, perhaps, sound exciting to...
June 17, 2004 by Cordelia
I have a job interview tomorrow. For some reason when the phone rang I felt a terrible sense of dread: I knew it was someone calling to set up an interview. What's wrong with me? I need a job.

Naturally, it was a job I had applied for that listed "Video editor" as the entire description. No company name, no information at all. When they called today I got a company name - thank goodness.

Their website is down.

Either they are terribly unprofessional or this is just a little more bad l...
June 13, 2004 by Cordelia
I am quite aware that I am very privileged to live in this country, and to be one of those fortunate people who are not terribly poor and living on the streets. Indeed, I have an apartment, a relatively nice if boring car, and just today I purchased a double scoop of peanut butter cup ice cream in a waffle cone just for the sheer enjoyment of it. I am aware that I am lucky, I have my health and I have a place to live and possibly in a few weeks I will own a place to live - quite a bit larger tha...
June 7, 2004 by Cordelia
Today is June 7th, and I have lived in Michigan now for just over a week. Why haven't I found a job yet?? Ok, get a grip...I have applied for all of two jobs. At least one is probably out of my range of experience. Sometimes I wonder about that silly MFA I have. I think it has made me overqualified for some jobs, underqualified for others (I lack experience) and just plain not qualified for plenty of jobs. The problem with specialization in a field, especially one as volatile as Cinema and Telev...