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Published on July 8, 2005 By Cordelia In Blogging

We have been seeing several articles lately that indicate a number of you are having a problem connecting to JU. Personally, I would wither away and die without JU, so we understand your pain and want to get these issues cleared up if possible.

If you or someone you know is having a problem connecting, please respond here and tell us EXACTLY what the error message is (include a screenshot if you want to) and when you started having the trouble, and any other information you think is pertinent.

We apologize for any trouble you are experiencing with the site. With your help we can get it running correctly again. Thanks!

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on Jul 08, 2005
I havent been able to get JU at all for three days now.. This is the first time... it just wouldnt come up.
on Jul 08, 2005

I have spread the DNS server love around to more machines. It's possible our primary DNS servers in California are timing out somehow.

If you get to a point where things are 404'ing (rather than site-specific error messages), please try Start / Run / cmd.exe and try to ping the server in question to see if your DNS resolves it. e.g.


Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=128
Reply from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=128


on Jul 08, 2005
Not sure if it is fixed yet, but it wasn't a little while ago...

If you accidently click, "Delete" when you are shooting for "Edit", you have to nuke your browser. If you hit either button on the "are you sure" window, the article is deleted. My apologies if this has been fixed, I posted a about it a few months back and just the other day accidently deleted another one without thinking.

on Jul 08, 2005
I am one of those that did an article so most of my complaints have been aired. But here they are again so you can keep a running tally of problems without having to go all over JU to find them (which is what I think the point of this article is anyway).

Timed out.. "cannot find page" messages, very slow (it usually takes at least 4 tries and 5-10 minutes to post an article).

Also, when I try to use html to design an article with pics and centering type commands, it just confuses the page. I once did an article where the title was beneath the text. ;~D

This isn't really a complaint, but more of a suggestion. There are a lot of articles about "Skinning" on JU, and seems to have a lot to do with desktop skinning. Not knowing what it would take to do this, I wonder if there is any way we could be able to personalize the skin of our own blogs? Admittedly, I might be in the minority of people interested in something like that.

Thanks for the chance to let you know what's been going wrong and taking time (and interest) in helping JU be a better community!!!! The fact you would do this is one of the reasons why (even though I've been frustrated at times), I'm still here at JU.
on Jul 08, 2005
I frequently get "Connection refused" when trying to navigate from the main page to an article on an individual sub-site. This is especially common when going to a "recent forum posts" link, but still happens regularly on the "recent JoeUser Articles" links too.
on Jul 09, 2005
I frequently get a "The page cannot be displayed" browser error message (viewing JU thru SDC) when clicking on the page ticker at the bottom in Channel view (I think that's what you call it - the view you get when you click Politics at the top of the JU Home Page, for example), say when clicking on the number "7" while on page 6, though it can be any number or the Next button. Sometimes refreshing the page or going Back & Forward a couple of times will get the page to come up, but most of the time it just won't once the error occurs.

on Jul 09, 2005

Site issues: Yeah, I tried changing which topics and channels my already released articles or blogs were to be under to see where the same
article would get more response. Either by doing this or maybe because I tried to edit spelling mistakes AFTER having publicly released to
them including to the forums I killed the metatags or links to that article, so THOMASSEN could not click on the link to my article clickable
at the wincustomize forum without seeing Nothing on row 1 or so as an error message instead of being directed to that article either at
JU, or at WC, where they are still readable if you go on my sites directly, even after refreshing the page there.

This week, on WC I cant edit my links anymore, whereas on JU I can. Either I had the sites crosslinked to logged in or non logged in URLS
using the wrong user ID, I thought at first, or, when trying to use a free webpage and blog editor by buddyW in Germany, I registered my
WC site when applying for their registration key, and that automatically tried to link up their site and or server to mine, which Stardock
may outrule, or something in that program interferes with my WC site now, I thought.

Still, the links to my article mostly created and edited on the JU site are not updated correctly at the WC site, which seems to be coherent or
should be.

About ParaTed skinning thoughts when blogging or making articles: Seems feasable externally, and I am trying to do that. First attempts
only seem to mess up because every goddamn part of the skin has to be an image URL, and I only have like 8 royalty free pics from another
site the urls of which I can use.

What I tried to do first was, use the layout inside an external text block editor for making parts of your own page, then copy its HTML code
after having it formatted into this blog, but of course, inside my web editing program that works, and that can synch to and update
what you post on your own independent free page, but only if that is the domain you registered the editing program for, and probably not
inside the stardock subdomain system.

In this blog, the constant referrence to images only the program knows about WITHOUT using an URL simply result in the field for the frame
or skin of the article and pics etc. inside it showing EXACTLY where it should but being rather empty, meaning I was DAMN close to skinning
my blog but would have to painstakingly substitute each part of the frames with crazy URLs to HTMLs containing these skin images.

Should be simple to make an html only containing a pic of your choice on your computer and then inserting that into the blogs html for its
frame, but I donĀ“t have a cheap way of doing that yet and would HATE do be dependent on installing the whole Microsoft office suite with its
dated side effects just for that. In the meantime, if the skins images are less than 1 MB and no copyright infringement, using Stardocks
active x uploader to your PHOTO GALLERY at WC site, you then get a URL for any pic in your foto gallery, as you know, I guess, which
then can be used a part of your html code in the blogs skin frame html. Gives ya a crazy foto gallery, but you can make a subgallery for
that commented internal for external blog skinning only.

Crazy solution, if it works at all, but it is of UTMOST importance also in other sites of yours and other peoples even to ANIMATE your
articles AND blogs, and I am working on this at well. Wonder if this was at least worth a laugh or reassuring at all. YOU ARE NOT A MINORITY,
ParaTed2k! Thats it, alright. Skinners bloody well should spice up their JU articles as well. Youre right!!

on Jul 09, 2005
If you or someone you know is having a problem connecting, please respond here and tell us EXACTLY what the error message is

Cordelia Cordelia Cordelia......

If one CANNOT connect they CANNOT respond here...
Thank God I had friends on JU that were able to do that for me.
on Jul 09, 2005
Well, she DID say "someone you know", Mano, meaning someone that CAN connect, I assume.
on Jul 09, 2005
on Jul 09, 2005
I'm having one more problem Cordelia.... I cannot access my Blacklist to edit it. Others tried for me and can't do it either. Perhaps Administration can?
If you can access my Blacklist, please clear it completely, I can always add those I want on it permenently.
on Jul 09, 2005
The blacklist bug is kind of like the edit/delete buttons disappearing intermittantly. Usually if you close your browser completely ( i guess end the session ), and navigate back you get the links back. That's what I do when I lost my extra account features and edit/delete links and it always works.
on Jul 09, 2005

Tried everything Baker...All I get is an error page on the Blacklist site. Others tried for me as well from their own puters and different ISP's... same result.
on Jul 09, 2005
Thanks for responding all. There is work being done behind the scenes even now. At the moment we are most concerned with those who cannot connect at all, but any comments or suggestions you want to leave here will be read and discussed. I do realize that it is difficult for those who cannot connect to report their problems, but since others were posting the requests for help for them this week I was hoping that might continue. Manopeace and Phoenixboi - can you tell me specifically what error messages you were getting? Also Mano - I do not have access to clear your blacklist myself, but if you don't mind waiting until Monday it will be taken care of.

Again, our apologies for the trouble with the site, and my personal apologies for not being able to specifically respond to individual comments/requests, but I hope to be able to do so next week. In the meantime, I am listening!
on Jul 09, 2005
Manopeace and Phoenixboi - can you tell me specifically what error messages you were getting? Also Mano - I do not have access to clear your blacklist myself, but if you don't mind waiting until Monday it will be taken care of.

I got a very quick...Stardock error (for about a second) then the page went to This page cannot be displayed.
As for the blacklist...I will wait till Monday... THANKS!