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Published on June 27, 2005 By Cordelia In Blogging

I have put off too much stuff for far too long. In order to have one more thing checked off my list, I am writing an update blog. Sorry for the list-like format and sorry to anyone who accidentally clicked on this blog hoping for some kind of interesting information. I have none. I have nothing of interest for anyone who is not a close friend, and even the most hardy of them will be hard put to refrain from yawning as they read this.


Last night at 8pm I was possessed of the desire for something sweet. Completely forgetting the fact that I had a new box of sugar free popsicles in the freezer, I decided to make chocolate chip cookies. It's been a while since I baked anything, so I simply followed the recipe on the bag of Toll-House chocolate chips to the letter.


I'm used to cooking for a higher elevation. Even in California I lived in the mountains and cookies just seemed to come out flat and floppy looking. This time I managed not to burn the cookies (insert pat on the back here) but they came out all...puffy. It was odd. Paul and I both looked at them with some distrust, but they taste ok. I think next time I'll have to flatten them a little bit before cooking so they don't come out dome shaped. And I must admit that while the Toll-House recipe is ok, I wasn't wowed. I'll be searching for a new recipe, or something to jazz up the current one. Let me know if you have any ideas you'd like to share.


I am trying to make a dress for a 40's wedding I am going to in July. I found a great period pattern - it's actually from the 40's, so I am sure of historical accuracy . Finding material for the dress is another matter entirely. I went to JoAnn fabrics, which is the only fabric store I am aware of in this area (aside form Wal-mart, and I found nothing there). I was hoping for a silk or even a polyester would do, and although I did find those fabrics the colors were just awful. What to do? I miss the LA garment district where you could find hundreds of fabrics at great prices. What to do? Looks like I can buy fabric online, but of course I have no guarantee of quality, feel, or even color. If I purchase something online I'll let you know how it goes.


Side note: Paul looks fantastic in his Zuit Suit. He looks like a gangster. I just need to take up the length of the pants, otherwise it's a perfect fit. Pictures will follow at some point!


The Howell Balloon Festival was this weekend. Pictures to follow shortly - don't ask. I'm technologically challenged and must rely on others for help. It was pretty darned cool to see all those balloons. More importantly I was introduced to a new type of craft - quilling. I don't' think I'd want to take it up, in spite of the fact that I have a desire for crafts that require long, painstaking hours of minute detail. It's pretty incredible to look at though. Basically it is where you take long, thin strips of colored paper, roll them up, and arrange then in a design. Here's an example of what I'm talking about, but believe me it doesn't do the art justice. It's something that must be seen in person:[new]/index.htm. The lady that was at the fair this weekend had a booth and she was selling her work. Her most expensive work was $425, and if I had money to spare I would have purchased it. The "work" wasn't really my type of thing, but the amount of work and detail in it was something to behold, and worth every penny on that level. I hope she made some cash this weekend, she deserved it!


Looks like we might be going to Minnesota this weekend. We have a 4-day weekend and Paul's Dad is having a picnic. Looks like he's getting married so we really ought to go, and I do want to go, but as always traveling is difficult because of the dogs. If we take them, we'll have to take the truck and we won't have any air conditioning so we'll all be in hell. But if we don't take them it will cost us quite a bit to board them. We haven't yet found anyone to take care of them at our house - it's difficult to find someone willing to walk a 120 pound dog and a 65 pound dog twice a day...but she's just as sweet as pie. Too short notice to find we might be taking them. We'll have to see.


We've done nothing new on the house, other than to finish moving in a couple of weekends ago. Right now our biggest upcoming expense is going to be landscaping, so all money goes toward that right now. Next year we can start worrying about building a deck, building custom bookcases in the library, and buying new furniture. Our house looks like it have no furniture, and what we do have looks pretty shabby right now. But no money to replace it all, so it stays for a while. It's clean and functional and not too embarrassing, so I think I can deal with it for a while. I do wish I'd hurry up and win the lottery, though. Perhaps I should buy a ticket to speed things up?


My sister is pregnant. Gosh that is still so strange to me. Current thinking is that it's a girl, but I say it's a boy. The ultrasound is pretty inconclusive at this point, so it could be a boy. Whatever, I hope it will be healthy and I simply cannot wait to be an aunt.


Ah yes, and how could I forget? I'm training for a marathon. Sigh. It sounded so good at the time. I haven't actually done any running since Jr. High (other than running after the ice-cream truck) so I did scale back my initial enthusiasm and will only be running the 1/2 marathon rather than the regular 26.2 miles. This will be part of the Detroit Marathon. I plan to run several 5k's leading up to the event, and if I'm smart I'll buy new shoes (I only have trail runners right now). So far I've seen no change in my overall body shape (I was hoping for an overall reduction) but I do find that I can climb a flight of stairs without having to stop and rest halfway, so I guess progress is being made.


No writing is happening. How usual. Oh well. I'll try and get on it soon. Sometimes I really feel like...well, bad about myself. We'll leave it at that and I will try and do better in the future.


That's all from here. If you read this, drop me a comment and let me know how you are doing.

on Jun 27, 2005
Your running a marathon? Good for you And I thought cookies were supposed to be puffy looking
on Jun 27, 2005
Thank you for the update! I know a great receipe for cookies - will sneak it to you later, though there is a whole "secret" ingredient that just might put you off cookies for a while... Good luck with the running! I'd love to hear how this goes as I flirt with that idea myself. You can be my inspiration! It was so great to see you guys, we miss you terribly!!! Here... things are going okay. Will update later! Talk to you soon, and good wishes to your sister! And to Paul and the puppies, of course!
on Jun 28, 2005

though there is a whole "secret" ingredient that just might put you off cookies for a while

Unless the "secret" ingredient is human body parts I seriously doubt I will be put off cookies, but we can hope. I look forward to your update.

And I thought cookies were supposed to be puffy looking

You know, they probably are, but when you spend most of your life at a high elevation you get used to eating flat cookies.

Thanks for responding Danny and JQ.

on Jun 29, 2005
I thought cookies were supposed to be flat too... That's how they have the nice dense cooked-but-somehow-still-almost-gooey centers, right?
on Jun 29, 2005

That's how they have the nice dense cooked-but-somehow-still-almost-gooey centers, right?

At the very least I don't think they should be dome shaped. I'll have to make a special effort to flatten them next time. And perhaps cook them slightly less? I thought they were a bit on the dry side. Ah, I have much to learn about baking.

on Jul 04, 2005
Dome shaped cookies.....try making the batter slightly thinner and you will avoid that... they will spread easier. You can also use a recipie with more shortning or butter/less flour

Just an FYI: I have been lurking on your site for a while. I want to thank you for you Newbie Articles. I didn't feel so dumb after reading them! You are greatly appreciated!
on Jul 06, 2005

lifehappens: thank you very much for both the cookie advice and the newbie article comments! It's always a nice feeling to know someone is gaining something by reading what I'm writing.

Oddly enough I've been reading your blog and Hyperborean Wanderers blog as well. There is much to be learned in the digital pages of your blogs.

on Aug 25, 2005
Hi Cordelia,

Nube with a question, but with cookie info too. Try chocolate chip cookies with a little oat flour mixed in. Whatever recipe you like, but take out 1/4 of the wheat flour and put in that amount of oat flour (not oat bran). It makes them crunchy. Oh, but if you like chewy then skip this part.

I have a question about some neferious program that lies within my StarDock subscription/program set. I believe it to be Menu Bar, but you could easily convince me it is something else. My issue is that I have two "Start Bars"?? at the bottom of my screen. One is a holdover from a previous skin I tried and one is the bar that looks like the skin I am using now. If I search around in the MenuBar program I can find the opportunity to delete some bars, but an ominous warning comes up that says deleting this bar will end the earth or something equally distructive. If I start removing bars, how bad is it going to get? I mean will like the seas boil and stuff?

Any ideas?
on Aug 26, 2005


Actually I really like crunchy cookies, thanks for the tip! I don't know when I'll get off my lazy duff and try baking again, but now that I have something new to try it might inspire me.

As for your two Start Bars problem; that's a different issue. It is possible that if you delete one of the bars you will reverse the Earth's polarity and send the Moon hurtling into the Sun (although tech support assures me this is not possible, what do they know?). But in all seriousness I think what's happening is that you have Object Bar (what you are calling Menu Bar) running. Object Bar is actually meant to replace the taskbar (that thing usually found across the bottom of your screen), so you need to go in to your task bar and set it to auto-hide. Theoretically you will then have only one.

You can auto-hide the task bar by right clicking on it and going to properties. On the "taskbar" tab you can check the option to auto-hide.

If that doesn't work, is possible you will have been flung into space by the resulting blast. However, if that doesn't work and you are still firmly on Earth, then please feel free to e-mail me at Or reply here. Good luck to you! Let me know how it goes!