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Published on January 19, 2005 By Cordelia In OS Customization

Which gallery items do you like the best? I find it difficult to choose among so much good work out there, but here are some of my current favorites. Which skins do you recommend? Which widgets do you love? Let us know!



Semiprecious by Pallet


Retro by essorant




Portality by RPGuere


--Seraphim-- by Green Armani




Up Side Down by Wabmo


GenieInPC  by ChaosMachine




Airlock by Bushman


Black-Tiger by butch123



DesktopX Widgets:

Glassy Calculator by adni18 


Dark Info Center  by CerebroJD



Here is my current screenshot:


You can find all of these items and a few more on my recommendations page: Link.

Share some of your favorites!

on Jan 19, 2005
Great stuff! I especially like that Info Center widget you got running!
on Jan 19, 2005
That info center widget is some genius work, eh?
on Jan 19, 2005
I can only tell you my favorite widget and that's Smiley Eyes from frogboy( I can only tell you that cause to me it's without questioning. As for the rest, I have to many favorites. Ain't that sad?
on Jan 19, 2005

i love that gt3 sysmetrix.........not available yet, but soon (i hope)
it has gone through some changes (very little) since that screenshot though !
on Jan 19, 2005
oops....that is a bit big.........sorry
on Jan 19, 2005
Tops for me among Widgets is the Animated Weather Satellite and Radar by Will Rose. In fact the Desktop X Object is a very complete Weather System.

I also like the Core Widgets by Mormegiel but sadly they don't all work with the current version of DX2.

As far as Wblinds my absolute favorite is an old blind called Tactile by Grayhaze (wish he'd update it) but I'll try almost anything by Essorant or Z71. But to be truthful I use my own more than any others. Is that vanity?

Iconpackager would have to be Glass Folders by APB. I use red the most but I have all flavors.

Don't use boots, or logons. I do lke the Matrix_Ks screensaver by Kelleysoftware (also in red)
on Jan 20, 2005

i81b4u-uc: I also have many favorites. Not sad - nice to have a variety!

-OZZY-: Nice screenshot! Can't wait until you make it available.

Lantec: Thanks for sharing. I assume you use your own most because you made it to have all the elements you wanted, right? Not vanity, just practicality. People like me rely on those of you with talent and ability to help us out!

on Jan 20, 2005
actually cordelia it was made available today..........
on Jan 20, 2005
Thanks for the plug....... =] I would have to be partial and biased and say that I like my wallpaper amongst those that I see
on Jan 20, 2005

-OZZY-: Thanks! Sorry if I missed is before, I'll check it out now.

Green Armani: You are welcome! I'm always in awe of people who can make this kind of stuff.

on Jan 21, 2005
Thank you for including Retro in your screenshot Cordelia. I have to confess it's stayed on my own desktop for a while (since even before I posted it). That GT3 though - it's a fine skin and no mistake.

on Jan 23, 2005
Well I had posted my list on your other choices topic, guess it got buried somewhere or something. This list is only comprised of windowblinds themes though, haven't gotten around to the rest of the stuff (wallpapers, cursors, bootskins/logons). I just have so many installed it's quite insane.

The list: Link

on Jan 28, 2005
Bebi: Thanks! I haven't seen some of the stuff you have up on your page, so I'll have to spend some time checking them out. Very cool! (Sorry I haven't responded sooner. I've been out of town.) I can'think of anything better to do with my Friday than to check out some cool skins I haven't seen yet!
on Mar 29, 2005
Thanks for adding me to this. I am honored :CONGRAT :
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