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Published on January 7, 2005 By Cordelia In Misc

Hmm. I don't even know what just happened.

Over the holidays I was wandering around the internet and found a local community college that was hiring a screenwriting instructor. I applied, knowing it was ridiculously late for this semester but what the heck? I also sent an e-mail to the chair of the department because that seems to usually work out better than just applying in the regular way.

They called me on my cell phone today to say that their current screenwriting teacher won't be able to teach the class this semester and would I be available? The class starts on Tuesday.

I asked if she wanted to set up a time to meet in person to talk and she said "I thought that's what we were doing right now". Hmm.

So were meeting on Monday and the class starts on Tuesday and as far as I can tell I have the job. That's so weird. Too fast. I'm very happy about it, but it's so fast!

I have some experience teaching college. I can already see how this is going to go. I have to go in there well prepared to ask questions because they are just going to assume I know what I need to know. Teaching the class is no problem, but every school has rules and proceedures that I need to know about.

I'm feeling very weird about how quickly this happened. Going to have to spend the better part of the weekend prepping for class. I think I'll make them all sign up with JU and have an online forum!


on Jan 07, 2005
So now who's supposed to get me drunk in the evening????
on Jan 07, 2005
Wait a sec. I thought you were working at Stardock. What happened?
on Jan 07, 2005
Have fun teaching I'm liking the idea of making them use joeuser, but I fail to see what that has to do with screenwriting.
on Jan 07, 2005
Wait a sec. I thought you were working at Stardock. What happened?


I work at Stardock (well, sort of. They let me hang out and answer the phones.) I also teach Sunday School.

Rock on, Cordelia! Let Lesson Plans be your friends. Plan too much content, cover only half and you will never be at a loss.

Congrats and break a leg.
on Jan 07, 2005
Teachers rock! Kudos on the new job...

wonder what this gift horse's mouth really looks like.... heheheheheh
From one teacher to another -- you never know which star will shine most brilliantly, so you have to polish them all!
on Jan 08, 2005

Shulamite: wise words, you get an insightful. In a previous incarnation I was teaching in a little backwater berg in California, and one of my best students had multiple personality disorder among many, many other problems.

JB: Still working at Stardock, just teaching one night a week. Stardock only pays us in sawdust and free software so I gotta make up the difference elsewhere. (Mornin' boss!)

Draginol: We can get drunk on Monday, Wednesay, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. And there is the all important champagne breakfasts and liquid lunches. Come to think of it, are you EVER sober?

Kupe: Lesson plan?? You mean I have to do some work???

on Jan 09, 2005
This is a fine example of the way the world bends itself to your will.
on Jan 10, 2005
Congratulations! WOW!!! I am all a-flutter! Enjoy it!
on Jan 31, 2005
That is so great!! Maybe because last year was so hard, this one is going to be super easy!! Maybe....
on Feb 01, 2005
Congrats Cordelia.

You'll make a great teacher!