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Cordelia's Corner for the Complete Noob: Part 4
Published on January 6, 2005 By Cordelia In OS Customization

Similar to the days of ancient Rome when the main sport was watching lions eat Christians, WinCustomize has it's own bloody coliseum called "Screenshots". This is a brutal and diabolical gallery where users fight to the death to attain the coveted status of premier skinner, and the losers are thrown to the dogs like yesterdays garbage. Surviving the gladiatorial sporting-ground of screenshots is the realm of only a handful of ultra talented warrior-artists, and even posting a screenshot requires years of toil and study; the intelligence of Einstein, the scholarly aptitude of Aristotle, and the patience of Buddha.


Or you could just follow these steps:


¨      Make your computer look like you want it to look to the best of your ability. I have not yet had the chance to guide you through icons, wallpapers or - well - anything else except WindowBlinds. (Keep in mind that making a screenshot is also helpful if you are having a technical problem and want to show someone what is going on.) For a proper screenshot you might want to have your start bar activated as that often shows off the skin you are using in better detail than just the task bar at the bottom (or the top, if you're trying to be ultra-cool).


¨      Hit the print screen button on your computer.


¨      Open a graphic design program like Photoshop or CorelDraw or even MS Paint.


¨      Click paste.


Save it as a .jpg file. I am running a screen resolution of 1024 X 768, so that's the size I'm going to save my screenshot. If you are running a Really Big Size you might want to scale it down a bit, but when you size down you will lose some quality.


There's your screen shot my friend! Now to Upload it to WinCustomize:

  1. On the left side of the web page there is a "submit a file" link. Click it. 

  2. At this point you can follow the directions provided, but I'll walk you through them: Choose Screenshots from the dropdown menu. Click Next

  3. Fill in the appropriate information. If you have your screenshot saved in - for example - your "my pictures" folder you can just browse to that folder and attach it.

  4. Be sure to give credit to anyone whose items you are using. 

So, let's see those screenshots - if you dare!


Here's my screenshot. It contains the following:


Synthek skin by DanilloOc

Tribal-DF wallpaper by MillaMeter

etched Clock widget by DHyral

SuperNova XXL by jalentorn

Cobalt Orion Icons by Mormegil (from the Orion Premium Suite)



Daily Hint for the Noob: If you want to look cool - and I assure you, you do - then you must have only "cool" programs open when you make your screenshot. If you are going to have your Start Bar activated when you make the screenshot, make sure it looks like you've been using cool programs. What are the cool programs? I couldn't possibly tell you; I am not yet cool.


Tomorrow's Article: IconPackager Basics


Upload a Scratch-n-Sniff screenshot and win a free link to!!!

(Offer not valid for vertebrates)

Comments (Page 1)
on Jan 06, 2005
on Jan 06, 2005
AveDesk is very much a "cool" program.
on Jan 06, 2005
lol @ Upload

Cool progs include: MsPaint, Notepad, Msconfig, Galactic Civilisations, Policital Machine, Stardock Central, WindowBlinds, FIREFOX!!

on Jan 06, 2005
Allow me to offer another way...

There's a little program called HoverSnap! which is for free by the same guys that made HoverDesk. This little guy has been featured on the Screen Savers (that's how I found it!) and it's functionality is unparalleled. It can take screenshots, but it automatically converts them into .JPGs or a few other file format for you and then places the pictures in a directory of your choice. Also included is an FTP direct upload.

Check it out! (Scroll down a bit, it's there!)
on Jan 06, 2005
JourneyMan Cordelia I'd like to congratulate you on the great job you are doing in showing the new people the step by step procedures. Thumbs up to you ! BTW can I join (lol) ?
on Jan 06, 2005
(Offer not valid for vertebrates)

Yes... I knew getting my spine taken out was a good idea.
on Jan 06, 2005
Aww, shucks. Thanks everyone!

DoctorNick: Sounds like a cool program! I'll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

butch123: join the ranks of the warrior-artists? I've seen your work, looks like you are already there! I liked your "Happy New Year 2005" particularly. Link
on Jan 06, 2005
Oh my God. Oh my GOD. I just realized that newb is spelled newb and not noob as I have been spelling it. It made sense at the time, you know; "noob" rhymes with...never mind. Only applies to me I guess.
on Jan 07, 2005
hehe ...good stuff Cordelia
on Jan 07, 2005
Even Einstein went to work sometimes with two different colored socks on....
on Jan 07, 2005
Just to offer another app similar to HoverSnap ... NeoShooter: I personally use this one as it gives you a full-size shot, along with a thumbnail, which is always nice for posting on the boards.
on Jan 07, 2005
Good article again Cordelia. I like your style too - definitely a bit on the 'loopy' side
on Jan 07, 2005
brncofan7 - sounds like a cool app, I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

Fuzzy and wizmonster - loopy indeed. You got no idea. Hahahahahaha! (Diabolical laughter)
on Jan 07, 2005
new user = n00b

Love your style
on Jan 08, 2005
Another one: "Simply Capture" by Diogo Salari (DPI Productions, I think) puts a camera icon on the Quick Launch Toolbar and can capture either selected, active window, or whole screen as bitmap, or convert to jpg; rotate, flip, and save anywhere. It works fine for ANY image seen on the screen.
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