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Yes, I do have better things to do.
Published on January 6, 2005 By Cordelia In Misc

Sometimes I just have to take a break from reality. Or whatever I'm doing that passes for reality at the time.

If life were a musical what would your theme song be?

Mine is: People are Strange by the Doors

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on Jan 06, 2005
Mine is and always was...To Live The Impossible Dream
on Jan 06, 2005
Desperado, the Eagles
on Jan 06, 2005
"The Peter Gunn Theme"- Ventures version
on Jan 06, 2005
I'm the Coolest by Alice Cooper
on Jan 06, 2005

'Bitch' by Meredith Brooks. 

It's me to a 'T'.

on Jan 06, 2005
"Ramblin' Boy" by Tom Paxton.
on Jan 06, 2005
"Simple Human" by Fates Warning
on Jan 06, 2005
"Finally Woken"--by Jem
on Jan 06, 2005

Thanks for the responses guys!

"Bitch" - really Dharma? I had no idea.

on Jan 06, 2005
Walking on Sunshine - Katrina & the Waves
on Jan 06, 2005
Seriously, I dunno. It depends on my mood I guess. There are quite a few of me, and each deserves her own theme song.

Sometimes, I think my life would go along pretty well with The Song That Never Ends
on Jan 06, 2005
'I feel like Ringo' by Custard. Or maybe "Sheep go to heaven, Goats go to hell" by Cake. Depends on the day really.
on Jan 06, 2005
Cactoblasta! That song by cake so rocks! (Didn't think anyone knew that song...)

Mine: Brown-Eyed Girl -- Van Morrison.
on Jan 07, 2005

"I Don't Give a Damn 'Bout My Bad Reputation"----by someone....


on Jan 07, 2005
Trin...Isnt that "Bad Reputation" By Joan Jett & the Blackhearts?
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