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Published on October 30, 2006 By Cordelia In Home & Family

Today has been a day of extreme emotional highs and lows. I have had moments of pure rage and moments of total despair. And I have had one shining moment.


We went to visit my Mom in the hospital and after a while the nursing staff began to prepare to move her for another angiogram. When they do this they must unplug all of the various machines and medications for the brief move. This meant that she began to wake up just a little.


I was telling her (as I do) that all this laying around and being lazy is unacceptable and that she was going to have to knock it off. She was moving around quite a bit and I took her hand and said, “We’ll see you when you get back. We love you.”


She opened her left eye (she can’t seem to move much on her right side), looked AT me, and nodded her head twice. She looked at me and nodded.


Amazing. She’s in there.


What a day.

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on Nov 03, 2006
Amazing news! It's the first step to on the journey back. I'm sure there will be a setback or two along the way, but it sounds very promising. I can't tell you how excited I am for you and your family. I guess miracles still happen from time to time don't they?
on Nov 04, 2006

I guess miracles still happen from time to time don't they?

It would seem that they do! Thank you Joel

on Nov 05, 2006
How have things been this weekend? I've been thinking of you, your Mom and Paul alot and wondering how things are going.
on Nov 05, 2006
Things are going well. I'm back in Michigan and feel a little displaced. The doctor hopes that we might "turn a corner" with my mom next week. Here's to hoping! Thank you for your thoughts.