My home is not a place, it is people.
Published on July 29, 2006 By Cordelia In Blogging

Been up all night. The minute I lay my head down all of the bitterness and crap I've had to swallow that day and every day stretching back to the day of my birth comes bubbling up like vomit. And make no mistake about it, I'm bitter. And it's not all stuff I'm making up, either.

It's a strange thing to lie in bed and be eaten alive from the inside out. Seems a bit unfair...but I guess I'm used to it. I am SO tired right now, and I know my whole day will be ruined tomorrow from lack of sleep but I just can't bear to go back to bed.

Too afraid to go to sleep, too tired to write correctly. My shields are down. I'm going to try and sleep again...maybe.

Still, I kind of like these 2 am moments, with the dogs at my feet and the local world silent. Right now I'm playing trivia in #neotech with Desert Fox and CerebroJD and SK. Hi gang! Thanks for entertaining me.

on Jul 29, 2006
Life sucks, and then you die... eventually.

Here's hoping your weekend improves.
on Jul 29, 2006
Dont let the turkeys get you down.
on Jul 30, 2006
Why so glum chum? Missing Brett? Paul driving the Sky too fast?
on Jul 31, 2006
I have trouble sleeping some times too... I keep replaying things in my head and how maybe if I did this or that, the result would be different. It's times like these that Jose Cuervo and Tylenol PM become my best friends.... just kidding... (not really).
See you soon!