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Oh Yeah
Published on April 3, 2006 By Cordelia In Blogging

This weekend we went crazy.

My husband has long ago decided that he likes small convertible cars. He'd like a BMW Z4, but that's a little out of our price range at the moment. So last year when Saturn and Pontiac announced they were both coming out with affordable small convertibles, we got very excited.

We've waited for months, and still no cars to test drive. The Hubby decided he likes the Saturn body style a little better, so he was prety sure he wanted one of those. Upon calling Saturn to find out when he could get one if he ordered it, he was told that he was too late for the first manufacturing run, but if he put his name in now he could have one by the end of summer.

Now, it may seem silly to live in Michigan and buy a convertible, but we have a 3 car garage and this is a car he wants to buy and keep forever. Of course, getting the car at the END of summer is quite dissapointing, but oh well. What if this is the only year they make them? I told the hubby he really should just go ahead and buy it this year so at least he has one from the first year.

So this weekend we went to the Saturn dealer to put $500 down on a convertible Saturn Sky in Midnight Blue. The bad news: The chrome tires are on backorder nationwide. The good news: At the moment we were putting our money down someone else declined their spot on the list so they put Paul's order in. We should have the car in 30 - 45 days! w00t! That was unexpected. Not quite in time for our anniversary, or birthdays, but a present all the same and in time for the summer sun and some driving around with the top down. .

I also came very, very close to leasing a new Saturn Vue. We've decided the next "practical" car we get will probably be a small SUV, and after having test-driven many of them we decided we like the Saturn Vue the best. It really is the most bang for your buck, and even has the RCA jack for the iPod. How can you beat that? But luckily I came to my senses in time and realized that 2 new car payments might be a bit much all at once.

I really wanted it, though. Really. I mean I really, really wanted it, which is why I would even consider such a reckless, silly thing as buying 2 new cars in one day.

The new hybrid Vue is coming out next year, but it only gets about 2 MPG more than the non-hybrid, so what's the point?

In other news...well, there really is no other news. Yes I know, what a stimulating life I do lead.

on Apr 03, 2006
Really cool. We've decided that 25 years from now!...when the kids are grown and out of the house we're going to get a flashy convertible.

The Saturn Sky looks beautiful. Really sleek and...(sorry)...cute. Hehe.
on Apr 03, 2006
It does look cute! We've never bought a car before that we couldn't even test-drive. It's a little scary...but it's not meant to be the reliable car. I feel so decadent.
on Apr 03, 2006

There is a guy here who says if it is sunny,the top is down!  Winter spring and summer!  Winter?  no problem, just bundle up and turn the heat all the way up!

You convertible owners!

on Apr 03, 2006
Yay Baby! Congrats, you're gonna have fun. I dont' own a convertible but I've been in one and there's nothing like driving with the top down and cruising - not only do you get stares, there's the cool factor! Have fun!
on Apr 03, 2006
Congrats! Can't wait to see it. You'll have to give me a spin with the top down. Sounds great.
on Apr 03, 2006
Yay!! I can't wait to see it either! You guys will have so much fun! Scott and I almost bought a Vue before we decided on the Escape. It did drive very smoothly; I really liked the Vue. Any plans to give in to one in the near future?
on Apr 03, 2006
It's real hard to frown riding in a convertible

The Saturn Vue is an OK choice ( my wife has a '03 w/ 85k on it so far) BUT, the reason she's driving it is because I bought it last year for HALF it's retail value....

We had a run of above 60 degree weather last month and I pulled out my "Dynosoar", a 63 Chrysler 300 Convt. retro all the way down to the push button automatic trans and 383 V-8 (* grunt* grunt*)changed the oil, washed it down, and cruised around wearin' shades and listening to Beach Music at 6mpg..........
on Apr 03, 2006
YEAH!!! Woo Hoo!!!! I want to see pix. Congratulations.
on Apr 04, 2006

There is a guy here who says if it is sunny,the top is down! Winter spring and summer! Winter? no problem, just bundle up and turn the heat all the way up!

Dr Guy - I love that philosophy!

Thanks foreverserenity I can't wait to try it out.

Jill and Jenny - I'll take you for a test spin. And yes, I may be giving in to a new car soon. But one new car per day is my limit. You gotta draw the line somewhere.

Dynosaur - Sweet ride!

DA - I'll definitely send pix, though I worry that I'll look like the bride of frankenstein after a ride in that car. They tell me these new-fangled convertibles don't have the wind issues that older ones have, but we'll have to see.

on Apr 04, 2006
But one new car per day is my limit. You gotta draw the line somewhere.

Sounds like one of Brad's rules
on Apr 04, 2006
on Apr 10, 2006
check out:


for a Saturn community site. I own an '03 Vue and overall it isn't a bad vehicle. Like you said, good bang for the buck price.
on Apr 10, 2006
Enjoy the new car!
on May 04, 2006
That is one awesome looking car! I can't wait to get the MI tour in style! Pictures!!!